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Xinjiang Muslims’ Struggle for Freedom

By Politics in Depth Team

Xinjiang region is to the north-west of China

Xinjiang region is to the north-west of China.

Watching China’s 2008 Olympic Mascots jumping around in their colorful customs and fireworks lightning the sky of the massive country, you would be witnessing the bright side of the communist regime.

On the other side stands a picture painted with red and green. In its dark green uniform, the Chinese army is cracking down on the inhabitants of the Muslim-majority region of East Turkistan (Xinjiang), killing so far 156 protestors, wounding hundreds, and arresting around 1,400.

Muslims in Xinjiang (Uighurs) have been suffering under the Chinese authority for a long time. The region is rich with oil, gas reserves, and about 121 minerals out of the 148 that China produces. Accordingly, the communist regime has given itself a freehand to suppress the Muslim population, burn their Islamic books, demolish mosques, and work on erasing the ethnic Muslim identity off the region. The Chinese government has been ruling the province with iron fist for a long time and all is taking place with the silence of the international community. Must it be that Xinjiang Muslims have a charismatic leader in exile like that of Buddhists of the Tibet to get due international attention?

What are the motives of the Chinese government? And who are the Xinjiang Muslims?

IslamOnline.net presents this collective folder in an attempt to present a more comprehensive picture of the status of the Uighur Muslims in Xinjiang.


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