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KUALA LUMPUR: A wife must obey and serve her husband like “a first-class prostitute” to keep him from straying and to prevent greater social ills, according to the Obedient Wives’ Club.

The Malaysian branch of the club, launched here yesterday, was formed as an answer to social problems such as infidelity, prostitution, domestic violence and abandoned babies, which its members believed stemmed from a lack of belief in God and the failure of women to keep their husbands content.

OWC international vice-president Dr Rohaya Mohamed said women often forget their “wifely duties”, including pleasuring their husbands in the bedroom.

“There is a perception in our society today that a wife’s duties include being a good cook, cleaner and mother, but there is less emphasis on sexual matters. We are here to change that perception.

“A man married to a woman who is as good or better than a prostitute in bed has no reason to stray,” she told reporters after the launch.

Read more: ‘Serve husbands like first-class prostitutes’ http://www.nst.com.my/nst/articles/14prosi/Article/#ixzz1ORrhbpFj

Maaf Dr saya kurang setuju dengan statement seperti ini kerana memberi gambaran pelacur itu sebagai baik, atau ada mutunya. Sebenarnya Dr mesti membuat kenyataan pelacur sebagai sangat tidak bagus, banyak tanggapan yang boleh dikeluarkan daripada kenyataan seperti ini. Antaranya ialah ‘bagus juga servis kawan tu’.
Selain itu, pelacuran juga seperti seuatu yg sangat biasa pulak jadinya.

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